Causal Generative Domain Adaptation Networks

M. Gong, K. Zhang, B. Huang, C. Glymour, D. Tao, K. Batmanghelich, Causal Generative Domain Adaptation Networks, Preprint arXiv:1804.04333, 2018

We propose a new generative model for domain adaptation, in which training data (source domain) and test data (target domain) come from different distributions. An essential problem in domain adaptation is to understand how the distribution shifts across domains. For this purpose, we propose a generative domain adaptation network to understand and identify the domain changes, which enables the generation of new domains. In addition, focusing on single domain adaptation, we demonstrate how our model recovers the joint distribution on the target domain from unlabeled target domain data by transferring valuable information between domains. Finally, to improve transfer efficiency, we build a causal generative domain adaptation network by decomposing the joint distribution of features and labels into a series of causal modules according to a causal model. Due to the modularity property of a causal model, we can improve the identification of distribution changes by modeling each causal modules separately. With the proposed adaptation networks, the predictive model on the target domain can be easily trained on data sampled from the learned networks. We demonstrate the efficacy of our method on both synthetic and real data experiments.